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QDRO Preparation

Property Settlement Agreements

Our Legal Team has Prepared Thousands of QDROs.

Federal, Military, All States, Municipal Plans

Private Plans: From Fortune 500 Corporations to one-person Corporations.

Troyan's QDRO database is now one of the largest in the Nation. 

Pension Valuations

Our Actuarial Staff has over fifty years of Plan Valuations experience. More than 80,000 Pension Evaluations prepared.  When confronted with a Valuation issue come to Troyan for clear, easy to follow technical support.

Dispute Resolution

Our firm has been appointed by Courts in many jurisdictions to resolve complex pension matters

Legal Opinions

Cases that have specific requirements of taxation of distributions / transfers and timing will require a skilled practitioner to render a written opinion.

Consent Agreements

Your 401(k) has been rolled into an IRA, you will now need a Consent Agreement to modify your Property Settlement Agreement.

Troyan is a cost-effective solution to this and other changes that require both parties to change the previous agreement.

Our Legal Team will prepare the custom language tailored to your specific case for direct insertion into the Settlement Agreement.  The Pension is usually the largest asset in Divorce and needs to be addressed with very specific language to permit division by QDRO.

Avoid Settlement Errors!

Troyan will review or prepare the correct language.

QDRO Administration

Plan Administrators have a specific legal and fiduciary obligation to issue written Qualification / Rejection letter for QDROsTroyan provides legal guidance to Plans for QDRO Qualification / Guidelines and Administration.

Litigation Services

QDROs are one of the most litigated areas for Family Lawyers.  Troyan renders litigation support to malpractice insurers seeking to defend its insured.

Expert Witness Testimony

We are routinely called upon to provide Legal/Expert Opinions on QDRO and Pension Matters.

Passive Appreciation Calculations

QDRO Corrections / Errors

A significant portion of clients contact Troyan to correct the errors in prior QDROs. Did your Divorce Attorney hire a non-lawyer   to prepare the QDROTroyan may be able to help correct those problems before its too late.

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