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QDRO and Related Fees:

Flat Fee Service

Drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ("QDRO"):                         


Fee Per Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO):                         

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Civil Service Retirement System

Federal Employees Retirement System 

Thrift Savings Plan 

U.S. Railroad Retirement System 

IRA Transfer Orders

State and Municipal Plans

All private and public companies 



Drafting Military Retired Pay Orders:          

 $800.00 (per order)

 $850.00 (minimum)

Drafting Domestic Relations Orders against Non-Qualified Plans:          

$450.00(up to two  Plans)

($125.00 for ea. addt'l. plan)

Drafting Property Settlement Agreement Language for QDRO:                 

Drafting Consent Order for Equitable Distributions:  

$550.00 (minimum)


Miscellaneous QDRO Fees:

$250.00 (minimum per QDRO) (depending on changes required)

Revision Fees to Previously Prepared QDRO:             


Revision to Previously Prepared QDRO (Address' Only):  

$75.00 (per QDRO)

QDRO Rush Fee (48-hour (business days)):                 

$150.00 (per QDRO)

$400.00 (per QDRO)

Superceding QDRO (when prior QDRO prepared by Troyan):

Written Review and Commentary on QDRO   

(when QDRO not prepared by Troyan) 

(This service does not include drafting a QDRO):       

Rodney D. Troyan's Hourly Billable Rate:       


(review per QDRO)


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