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QDRO and Related Fees:

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Drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ("QDRO"):                          

Legal Aid, State Non-Profit Legal Services & U.S. Legal Services, Inc. 


Drafting Domestic Relations Orders against Non-Qualified Plans:          

 $750.00 (minimum)

Drafting Property Settlement Agreement Language for QDRO:                 

$125.00 (per Plan)

Drafting Consent Order for Equitable Distributions:  

$375.00 (minimum)


Miscellaneous QDRO Fees:

$125.00-$250.00 (per QDRO) (depending on changes required)

Revision Fees to Previously Prepared QDRO:             


Revision to Previously Prepared QDRO (Address' Only):  

$75.00 (per QDRO)

QDRO Rush Fee (48-hour (business days)):                 

$150.00 (per QDRO)

Superceding QDRO (when prior QDRO prepared by Troyan):

$250.00 (per QDRO)

Written Review and Commentary on QDRO   

(when QDRO not prepared by Troyan) 

(This service does not include drafting a QDRO):       


(review per QDRO)

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