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At Troyan & Associates, can trust our experience providing reliable,

professional and timely pension evaluations. Our firm’s actuary William M. Troyan

has  pioneered the pension evaluation field and become a leader in

defined benefit and defined contribution plan pension valuations for marital

dissolution actions and retiree verification calculations. Our goal is to provide

 answers to complex economic issues. Our firm's attorney Rodney D. Troyan,

is available for legal matters related to pensions 

Our experience and capabilities include:

•    Serving a nationwide clientele in Pension Evaluation of defined

benefit and defined contribution pension plans in both the public

and private sectors. This firm prepares Pension Valuations

in the United States and many foreign countries. 

•    Most widely used at Troyan & Associates, P.A.

for State and Federal Retirement Programs (see below for a sample of specific plans).    
•    Calculations in Divorce Proceedings and Retirement Calculation Disputes.
•    Use of a comprehensive database developed by our firm provides our staff with current plan information.
•    Cited as an authority on pension evaluations and QDROs.
•    Our pension evaluations and QDROs are routinely accepted by the courts.
•    Troyan
& Associates, P.A., routinely Court Appointed as Pension Valuation firm 
•    Testimony available for pension evaluations and QDROs .
•    Call our Pension staff (877.443.4867) for premium nationwide assistance.

Types of Pension and Retirement Plans

Troyan & Associates, P.A. has served many individuals, families, mediators, mediation firms,

and  attorneys in the United States. Our depth and breadth of experience with all types of pension plans including:


•    Federal Civil Service                
•    Military Retirement System
•    City, County, Federal, or State Retirement System Plans
•    Public Employees Retirement Systems
•    Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Plans
•    Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Plans
•    Teacher Retirement Systems                
•    Judicial Retirement Systems
•    Police & Fire Retirement Systems
•    State Police Retirement Systems
•    Union Pension Funds
•    Union Annuity Funds
•    Railroad Retirement System Plans
•    Tax Deferred Annuities
•    Section 403(b) Plans
•    Section 457 Plans
•    Corporate Retirement Plans
•    ERISA Defined Benefit Plans
   ERISA Defined Contribution Plans (401k)
•    Thrift Savings Plans
•    Executive Compensation Plans
•    Non-Qualified Plans
•    Stock Options and Restricted Stock Plans
•    Performance Based Incentive Plans
•    Excess Benefit & SERPs
•    Collectively Bargained Plans
•    Railroad Retirement System

A partial list of retirement systems, pension funds, pension and retirement
plans we have evaluated for divorce and retirement purposes or prepared QDROs against:


Local 91, Birmingham
Local 119, Mobile
Local 52, Montgomery
Local 548, Montgomery
Local 760, Sheffield
Local 372, Tuscaloosa
Gulf Coast Multi-State Pipe Trades Council, 
District Council No. 1


Local 367, Anchorage
Local 375, Fairbanks
Local 262, Juneau



Local 469, Phoenix / State of Arizona



Local 155, Little Rock



Local 460, Bakersfield
Local 761, Burbank
Local 355, Burlingame
Local 364, Colton
Local 246, Fresno 
Local 78, Los Angeles 
Local 250, Los Angeles
Local 345, Los Angeles 
Local 709, Los Angeles 
Local 159, Martinez
Local 228, Marysville
Local 62, Monterey-Santa Cruz 
Local 342, Oakland
Local 398, Pomona
Local 447, Sacramento 
Local 230, San Diego 
Local 38, San Francisco 
Local 483, San Francisco 
Local 393, San Jose
Local 403, San Luis Obispo 
Local 467, San Mateo 
Local 582, Santa Ana 
Local 114, Santa Barbara 
Local 442, Stockton
Local 343, Vallejo-Napa
Local 484, Ventura
California State Pipe Trades Council
S. California Pipe Trades District Council No. 16



Local 58, Colorado Springs Local 3, Denver
Local 208, Denver
Local 145, Grand Junction
Rocky Mountain Pipe Trades District Council No. 5

Local 777, State of Connecticut 
New England States Pipe Trades



Local 74, Wilmington / State of Delaware



Local 5, Washington, DC 
Local 602, Washington, DC



Local 719, Broward County 
Local 295, Daytona Beach 
Local 234, Jacksonville
Local 519, Miami
Local 725, Miami
Local 803, Orlando
Local 821, State of Florida 
Local 123, Tampa
Local 630, West Palm Beach Florida Pipe Trades Council
Gulf Coast Multi-State Pipe Trades Council, 
District Council No. 1


Local 72, Atlanta
Local 150, Augusta
Local 177, Brunswick
Local 473, Jessup
Local 188, Savannah



Local 675, Honolulu
Local 811, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard



Local 296, Boise
Local 648, Pocatello


Local 553, Alton
Local 101, Belleville
Local 99, Bloomington
Local 160, Carbondale
Local 653, Centralia
Local 149, Champaign
Local 130, Chicago
Local 281, Chicago
Local 597, Chicago
Local 360, East St. Louis 
Local 439, East St. Louis 
Local 551, Herrin
Local 63, Peoria
Local 353, Peoria 
Local 25, Rock Island 
Local 23, Rockford
Local 137, Springfield Illinois State Pipe Trades

Local 136, Evansville 
Local 166, Fort Wayne 
Local 210, Hobart
Local 440, Indianapolis 
Local 172, South Bend 
Local 157, Terre Haute Indiana State Pipe Trades



Local 125, Cedar Rapids 
Local 33, Des Moines
MINK (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) 
Pipe Trades



Local 441, Wichita / State of Kansas
MINK (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) 
Pipe Trades


Local 248, Ashland
Local 452, Lexington
Local 502, Louisville
Local 633, Owensboro
Local 184, Paducah Kentucky Pipe Trades



Local 247, Alexandria 
Local 198, Baton Rouge 
Local 60, New Orleans 
Local 141, Shreveport South Central Pipe Trades



Local 716, State of Maine
New England States Pipe Trades



Local 486, Baltimore
Local 669, Columbia / Road Sprinkler Fitters 
Local 489, Cumberland
Maryland State Pipe Trades



Local 12, Boston
Local 537, Boston
Local 550, Boston
Local 104, Springfield
Local 4, Worcester
New England States Pipe Trades



Local 190, Ann Arbor 
Local 98, Detroit
Local 636, Detroit
Local 704, Detroit
Local 370, Flint
Local 357, Kalamazoo
Local 333, Lansing
Local 671, Monroe
Local 85, Saginaw
Local 111, Upper Peninsula of Michigan 
Local 174, West Michigan



Local 11, Duluth
Local 589, Hibbing
Local 15, Minneapolis
Local 340, Minneapolis
Local 417, Minneapolis
Local 539, Minneapolis
Local 6, Rochester 
Local 34, St. Paul 
Local 455, St. Paul Minnesota Pipe Trades


Local 568, Gulfport
Local 436, Pascagoula
Local 619, Vicksburg
Gulf Coast Multi-State Pipe Trades Council, District Council No. 1
South Central Pipe Trades



Local 8, Kansas City 
Local 314, Kansas City 
Local 533, Kansas City 
Local 781, Kansas City 
Local 178, Springfield 
Local 45, St. Joseph 
Local 268, St. Louis 
Local 562, St. Louis
MINK (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) Pipe Trades



Local 30, Billings
Local 41, Butte
Local 459, Missoula



Local 16, Omaha
Local 464, Omaha
MINK (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) Pipe Trades



Local 525, Las Vegas 
Local 350, Reno


Local 131 Concord-Manchester
Local 788, Portsmouth
New England States Pipe Trades



Local 9, Central New Jersey
Local 274, Jersey City 
Local 855, Jersey City 
Local 24, Lodi
Local 475, Newark
Local 696, Newark
Local 322, Southern New Jersey
UA of New Jersey Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Division



Local 412, Albuquerque / State of New Mexico 
South West Pipe Trades

Local 7, Albany
Local 112, Binghamton
Local 22, Buffalo Local 773, Glens Falls
Local 200, Nassau-Suffolk
Local 638, New York City & Long Island

Local 1, New York City
Local 73, Oswego
Local 21, Peekskill
Local 13, Rochester
Local 373, Rockland County

Local 128, Schenectady
Local 267, Syracuse
New York State Pipe Trades


Local 421, States of North Carolina and South Carolina



Local 300, States of North Dakota and South Dakota



Local 219, Akron
Local 396, Boardman
Local 495, Cambridge
Local 94, Canton
Local 392, Cincinnati
Local 55, Cleveland
Local 120, Cleveland
Local 189, Columbus
Local 162, Dayton
Local 776, Lima
Local 168, Marietta
Local 42, Norwalk
Local 577, Portsmouth 
Local 711, State of Ohio 
Local 50, Toledo
Ohio State Association



Local 344, Oklahoma City 
Local 430, Tulsa
Local 798, Tulsa
South West Pipe Trades


Local 290, Portland / State of Oregon



Local 520, Harrisburg
Local 354, Latrobe
Local 420, Philadelphia
Local 690, Philadelphia
Local 692, Philadelphia
Local 27, Pittsburgh
Local 449, Pittsburgh
Local 542, Pittsburgh
Local 600, Reading
Local 524, Scranton


Local 51, Providence


Local 421, States of South Carolina and North Carolina



Local 43, Chattanooga
Local 854, Henderson 
Local 538, Johnson City 
Local 102, Knoxville
Local 17, Memphis
Local 614, Memphis
Local 572, Nashville
Local 702, Nashville 
Local 718, Oak Ridge



Local 286, Austin
Local 100, Dallas 
Local 146, Fort Worth 
Local 68, Houston
Local 211, Houston
Local 404, Northwest Texas 
Local 142, San Antonio 
Local 529, Waco
South West Pipe Trades
Gulf Coast Multi-State Pipe Trades Council, District Council No. 1



Local 140, Salt Lake City / State of Utah



Local 693, Barre / State of Vermont New England States Pipe Trades



Local 851, Hopewell
Local 110, Norfolk
Local 376, Norfolk
Local 272, Portsmouth
Local 477, Portsmouth
Local 10, Richmond


Local 598, Pasco
Local 32, Seattle
Local 699, Seattle
Local 44, Spokane
Local 26, Western Washington Seattle Pipe Trades Washington State Association



Local 625, Charleston
Local 521, Huntington
Local 152, Morgantown
Local 565, Parkersburg
Local 83, Wheeling
West Virginia State Pipe Trades



Local 400, Appleton
Local 434, Central & Western Wisconsin 
Local 75, Milwaukee
Local 183, Milwaukee
Local 601, Milwaukee
Local 118, Racine Wisconsin Pipe Trades



Local 192, Cheyenne / State of Wyoming

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